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Here’s what some of our newest members in 2016 are saying about Energize…

“Our journey with Energize started when the club commenced in the Glenrose Shopping Centre back in the 90s. We were member numbers 98 and 99 and given “Foundation Members” status which was given to the first 100 members of Martin’s new gym. We joined up even before he opened his doors because we truly believed his business would be a success! In those days, we would have one of the floor staff write up a weight program and have it renewed periodically. We found the staff to always be friendly and we enjoyed going to the gym.

Martin moved his gym to the present site a few years later and, again, we just pottered about doing various weights and attending classes now and again. In late 2008, a new trainer by the name of Jeni Morris, approached us and asked us whether we had considered doing personal training. “Oh no”, we replied, “that’s for the ‘serious’ people who are training for competitions or wanting to participate in the Olympics. We’re not those sorts of people!” Jeni quickly quelled that myth and explained the health benefits of personal training. We decided to give it a go and had our first PT sessions in early 2009! Weeks of personal training (and to be honest we thought it would only last a few weeks!) led to months and then to years and, with the exception of our 18 months living in the UK in 2015/2016, we’re still with Jeni and we’re still enjoying the health benefits that PT brings.

Jeni understands our needs and designs our programs around those needs. For example in 2012, Prue fractured the neck of the left humerus in three different places which then led to adhesive capsulitis (or frozen shoulder). Along with intense physiotherapy, rehabilitation also required a very specific PT program. Jeni designed a program, which helped enormously in the recovery. Over the years, she has also designed programs to help with our ‘gammy’ knees or ‘sore’ backs and, each time, the targeted area has strengthened and returned to relative normality.

Aside from the weight program, we enjoy the classes and, through them, have made some lovely friends.

Energize is a friendly club manned by friendly staff and it has become part of our everyday lives. Thanks Energize for near on 16-18 years of keeping us fit, healthy and happy, and thanks Jeni for motivating us every time we see you and being relentless with making us accountable for our own good health!” – Prue and Steve Wright

“I joined Energize nearly 2 years ago, and can honestly say that I wish I had done it years before.

It is great to have a fun friendly gym on my door step, and when time restrictions allow sometimes I use the gym, and other times attend one of the many group classes that are available.

I particularly like the Group sessions that are run by Elise, and Elise is very good at keeping me motivated for those early morning starts,  enabling me to feel ready to take on the world when the workout is over!” – Michelle Austin

“I joined Energize to maintain my weight and increase my fitness and tone now that my kids are older and I have a bit more time for myself. I also have a lower back issue that can be managed by regular exercise and core work. I’m currently doing Elise’s Tuesday and Friday morning group training sessions which are a mix of cardio, weights and boxing.  I also try to go for 5km walks with friends at least once or twice a week. I get to train with my husband so it gives us a common interest and time together.  I have also met some lovely people in Elise’s group training sessions.  Energize has a friendly and encouraging vibe which is important in making everyone feel welcome. Even though I’m not really a morning person I do agree it’s a great way to start the day. I have more energy, I sleep better and my lower back pain is more manageable.” – Jenine Lax

“I started at Energize Gym in 2009 to get fitter and be prepared for a big charity project I was organising for 2010. This event was called “The Big Roll” and involved a group of people pushing a wheelchair from Perth to Sydney. Different teams (each usually 6 people) covered the 4500km distance over 4 months from April to August.

I was part of a team of 6 that walked the Nullarbor from Perth to Adelaide (2500km). The plan was to cover 50km per day with each team member walking/pushing the wheelchair around 8km per day. At other times the team members would be driving one of 4 vehicles (2 being on-road warning vehicles and 2 being supply vehicles). At night we would camp out.

Energize, and particularly Jeni Morris, played a part in getting me fit and prepared for this journey with treadmill walks, with stretching and leg strengthening exercises and mental preparation that this journey could be readily done. Jeni was great with her varying programs, encouragement and awareness of needs.

In 2012 I had a full hip replacement and following initial rehab, Jeni again led me in programs that improved my core strength, stability, flexibility and a slightly different walk (no limping!)

Last year 2015, I participated in a centennial re-enactment of a recruitment march for potential World War 1 soldiers staged in 1915, called the ‘Cooee March’. This event saw young men join a group that marched from Gilgandra to Sydney picking up new volunteers along the way, a distance of some 300 miles (512kms). Last year’s re-enactment, in period dress, covered 640 kms (safety issues prevented us from using some roads and extended the distance).

This journey took 25 days covering between 18 and 37 kms per day. 30 of the regular 36 marchers covered the whole distance marching at a pace of around 4.5 to 6km per hour, depending on terrain, for each day consecutively for the 25 days of the march.

Again Energize Gym and Jeni in particular played a big part with core strengthening, leg strengthening, flexibility, warm-up and warm-down exercises, day march practice support and mental preparation and encouragement.

I think you can see that Jeni and Energize Gym have helped me enormously in preparing me for these activities in my retirement years. I really enjoy coming to Energize and am very grateful for the targeted trainer support from Jeni, and activities provided in other classes (such as Kirsty’s stretch classes and Kang Ja’s tai chi classes). You all have kept me going and helped me get pretty fit.

My goal is to stay this way. I hope to be as fit and mobile as another Energize member Noel Braun, who between 80 and 82 years old walked the 750kms of the Camina de Santiago walk in southern France and northern Spain over the 3 years

Well done Energize …. your support, your small gym and its friendliness (and all the books)is just tops!!!!!!!!” – Wayne Bensley

“Returning from a holiday overseas, I knew that I needed to lose these extra kilos, which had crept on to my thighs and waist over the weeks. Finding the time was easy, but motivating myself was not. So with the help of a personal trainer once a week – that’s all it takes, I was able to hold on to the challenge that I had set myself, and start achieve the goals that I wanted.

You have to want it enough to do it and to continue. Friendly staff at the desk to greet you – no matter what time of day it is! Energize Trainers always enthusiastic and dedicated, have kept me at my local gym, to continue a lifestyle which is beneficial and enjoyable!” – Maxine McBean

“About a year ago, it was school holidays. I woke up on the Monday morning feeling determined to do something about my weight. I was very unhappy with the way I was looking and feeling. I put a post on Northern a Beaches a Mum’s group, asking if anyone goes to Energize and a lot of lovely mums said they did and it was wonderful.
Later that day I took my children in and we checked out the gym. It’s a pretty typical story right??? Well for me it was a massive leap of faith. Our family has been living through incredible stressful events over the last 3.5 yrs. our youngest daughter Summer, has a very serious chronic blood disorder. Every time she gets at temperature of 38 degrees we need to rush her to emergency. We have presented to emergency over 50 times and she has had 22 admissions, two bone marrow biopsies and hundreds of clinic visits.
I knew I needed to do something about my health and well being as the stress and weight gain were really taking its toll on me. So I took the leap joined the gym and hoped for the best that Sumner would be ok in the crèche (she is of course and loves going).
Something really clicked for me in May this year and I really started to take my weight loss seriously. Since May I have lost just over 18kg with a bit more to go. I am feeling so much better and more like my old self. I really love the community/family feel at Energize. I’ve started to make some lovely friends and have found that exercise is a pretty awesome stress release. The last few months have been hard for Summer with 5 hospitalizations in 4 months but we just try our best to keep up our routine once she is better. My gym time is my me time. I know my girls are well cared for by the crèche ladies and I can spend the next hour to hour and a half doing something good for myself.

I’m a pretty balanced person in terms of workouts doing everything from Body Combat (Robynne’s classes are a seriously great stress release for me) to Zumba, Yoga and Pilates. I also try to fit in 3 weights sessions a week.

I’m so glad I made that decision to check out the gym that first day. I’ve been a member at some of the more fancier/well known gyms but nobody ever spoke to me or even knew my name. It’s the opposite at Energize. All the lovely girls on reception say hi, Lucca and Neroli at the cafe are super friendly and the instructors are way better than at the other gyms.
Thanks Energize Staff for all you do and putting on the Christmas party. What a great way to meet and socialize with other members.” – Louise Underhill

“My journey is not about what I have lost as much as it is about every what I have found!
Ok ok, so of course there has been in my mind (and body) a fairly significant change. I have been overweight my whole adult life and even at school was always “big”. Yes, I can and have lost and put on many times usually by either heavy exercise which is harder as I get older and / or major diet restrictions which are not sustainable for any length of time. 
So my energize lifestyle program 
Lost =20+kg so what have I have found.

  • It’s possible, even with minimal effort but enjoyable with more.
    It’s not hard, I usually train twice a week and try and get to a Zumba class as well. But I am not here at the gym morning and night as that’s not something My lifestyle allows. 
  • The lifestyle program reminds me of the things I should know (and do after 20+years weight yo yo ing) but it’s broken down into digestable sessions and you can refer to it if that helps but for me, my weight has never gone up on the scales the whole 6 months which shows it works and it really is mind over matter and you can slip so long as you get up again.
  • Having a trainer is my key, I need a gym buddy- to get me to go and also to encourage support and guide me (as well as change the weights when this get too easy!) all of which Teresa does constantly. And always able to accommodate my times and so this done with a smile. 
  • Found a whole new/old wardrobe to which is great, just need to update a few  essentials you know shoes, bags, tops, pants! From a tight 20 to a neat 16 in my work pants! My clients make comment to which is nice.
    Found more family time! Yep, me joining the gym has given me more family time as now we occasionally go out for a walk along the beach or a hike in the hills. We really like in a special part of the world so I get my two teenager boys and hubby away from the screens. I did say occasionally! All in all I am a bit of a happy that I can still pull my weight(well maybe not yet) with them.
  • Found the more weight that comes off the easier and more comfortable my body is I have more movement/ flex ability and energy and much less pain. I am on the way to running around more. 

My journey is not over yet I still have another 20kgs to go, but this is a very good start and I am willing to give it a good go, what will I find, health and a sense of achievement a fit body that has less pain and let’s not forget a new wardrobe ( but don’t tell my hubby).” – Karon McKendrick


Here’s what some of our newest members in 2015 are saying about Energize…

IMG_6249“I love doing the weights and I feel so much stronger and fitter from my training sessions from Claire. She understands my needs and does not expect me to engage in any activity that I would feel uncomfortable doing.” – Di B.

“I love the feeling of Community created by the gym.  I also enjoy training hard with Isabelle. She has been an amazing motivator and support in the past few months.” Laura M.

IMG_6247 IMG_6248

“I enjoy my sessions with Izzy and have more confidence in coming to a co-ed gym with all the different sizes and shapes, which previously I found quite daunting, especially the Body Builders”. Chris M.

20150721_080037The gym has a friendly inclusive atmosphere. It has a fantastic community atmosphere. My trainer keeps me motivated and gradually changes my program to keep me interested and increase my fitness and strength. She gets the best out of me.” Lisa M.

Helen Watters (Energize Member since 2009)

When Helen’s husband died suddenly, she was devastated and her weight spiralled out of control.  But since joining the gym five years ago, Helen, 63, has regained her health, her spark, and discovered a surprising strength.
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Kate (Energize Member)

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