April 2014

Dave WigginDave Wiggin

  • Dave joined Energize Health Club 3 months ago, his aim was to lose 5kg and see the abs again. He felt he was “getting fat and bald” which pushed him to work harder at getting results.
  • He has lost 3.2kg and he is back to 100% after years of stiffness (too many rugby scrums). He has no back pain anymore and has renewed energy which has dramatically increased his fitness.
  • Dave trains 4 times a week and his favourite exercise is bodyweight strength routines.
  • To stay motivated, Dave imagines himself looking like some of his friends. Well maybe they can workout with you!!!
  • His favourite thing about Energize is his personal trainer Elise. He never had a PT before and it works.
  • Dave’s other interests are sailing, rock climbing, Rugby and motorbikes.