August 2014

Malcolm Bickley

  • Malcolm joined Energize Health Club 1 year ago with the aim to lose weight, gain energy and fitness.
  • Prior to joining the gym he was up to 102kgs and now he is 85kg! Malcolm is feeling better and his energy has improved significantly.
  • Malcolm comes into the gym 3-5 times per week.
  • His favourite exercise is cardio. As he was unfit for so long it’s good to see sweat.
  • Malcolm’s favourite thing about Energize is how friendly and helpful the staff are.
  • He stays motivated by not wanting to disappoint himself or his trainer Kirsten.
  • Malcolm’s hobbies include reading, AFL, computers, art, music and now the gym!
  • Shortly Malcolm with be going on a 10 days hike in Nepal! He would have never done that a year ago.