February 2014

Annette PaineAnnette Paine

  • Annette joined Energize Health Club 2 years ago, her aim was to improve her mood, fitness and reduce her weight.
  • At a recent Dexa scan, she got a body fat percentage of 15.4% where as 2 years ago her measurements put her in the obese range. Her mood, energy and confidence has improved. She has lost 8.7cm around the waist and lost 12.2cm around the hips. No wonder Andrew, her trainer, nominated her.
  • Annette trains 3 to 4 times a week. Her favourite exercise is strength training because she loves to feel strong. She does enjoy cardio exercises too which gives her a mellow feeling to help with a busy lifestyle.
  • To stay motivated, Annette has appointments booked which makes her committed and accountable to Andrew, her trainer.
  • Her favourite thing about Energize is the positive & friendly atmosphere.

“Encouragement from others is very motivating (from staff and members)”