January 2014

Malcolm StewartMalcolm Stewart

  • Malcolm joined Energize Health Club 6 years ago, his aim was to achieve regular workouts to maintain and improve his fitness level.
  • Malcolm trains 4 to 5 days a week which helped him complete the 2013 City to Surf after a 33 year absence. His next goal is to improve on his time.
  • His favourite exercise is the treadmill as he enjoys seeing the numbers on the screen at the end. He varies the gradient and speed throughout the workout.
  • To stay motivated, Malcolm makes exercise a high priority in his day. It is a ‘not negotiable’ part of his routine.
  • His favourite thing about Energize is the friendly staff and the relaxed atmosphere. Also it’s close to home!
  • Malcolm’s other interest are travel, storm chasing in the US, swimming, tennis, reading, theatre and cooking.

“I agree strongly with the view that physical exercise is just as important for mental well-being”