June 2014

Amy CurrieAmy Currie

  • Amy joined Energize Health Club 3.5 years ago with the aim to lose weight. She got to 130kg and the prospect of a 14 hour flight to South Africa made her change, “I know I had to make changes or I wouldn’t enjoy the trip”.
  • She has lost over 35kg in the past 10 months. Her clothes had gone from size 24 to size 16. This amazing weight loss made her feel confident, better self esteem and now she loves running!
  • Amy has completed several 10km fun runs and is now looking forward to her first half marathon in October!
  • She trains up to 6 days a week and her favourite exercises are strength training and running. She stays motivated by keeping her focus on where she would like to get to and having a running event in October helps too.
  • Amy’s favourite thing about Energize is the staff as they are so friendly and welcoming.

“A huge thank you needs to go out to Therese, the most amazing and motivating trainer I have ever worked with”