Member of The Month – 2016

 January – Dennis Armstrong
“His favourite things about Energize is the convenient location, the extensive exercise options and the friendly staff.”

February – Nur Sanders
“Thanks to the gorgeous girls at reception for always being welcoming and making me feel important.”


March – Trish Wastell
“I have enjoyed my time at Energize and hope to spend many more years here. It has been fun!”


 April – Ian Harry
“The community aspect is the reason why I enjoy coming here, I can contribute to the lives of others whilst being encouraged myself”.

 May – George Brezny
“To stay motivated, George says the support and assistance of his trainer, Dave, is what gets him through. Dave formulates new programs to make his challenges interesting and motivating.”

 June – Jo Baker
“Surround yourself with positive people who want the best for you and believe in you”


July – Pat Perks
To stay motivated Pat tells herself that she wants to be upright and healthy for at least another 20 years so she has to keep exercising!


August – Ben Stowe
To stay motivated, Ben thinks about where he started from and how he never wants to look like that again!


September – Jason Rattigan
Jason’s favourite thing about Energize is the great atmosphere, great staff and the friends he has met in the classes, which makes it easier too.


 October – Carol Dunwell
“Energize is well equipped, with professional and welcoming staff who create a friendly, lively environment”


November – Louise Underhill
Louise’s favourite thing about Energize is the community/family feel. There are people to speak to and there’s always someone to have a coffee with.

December – Wayne Bensley 
To stay motivated Wayne “thinks about what he has already achieved” and that he doesn’t want to lose it, as well as his goal to keep fitness into his 80’s.