April 2016

Ian Harry

Ian has been a member of Energize for over 5 years! When he first joined the gym he was hoping to get fit and healthy to keep up with his boys.

So far Ian has achieved fantastic results as his overall body shape has changed, he has lost weight and increased his fitness (specifically aerobic).

A major turning point for Ian that pushed him to achieve these results was when he teamed up with other guys and they decided to come together on Thursday mornings for boot camp with Andrew.

Ian trains an impressive 6 days a week! His favourite exercise to do at Energize is the boot camp with the boys run by Andrew.

His favourite thing about Energize is the great atmosphere and the encouragement from others members.

To keep motivated when he doesn’t really feel like exercising, Ian thinks of how far behind he would be if he didn’t train.

Ian has a strong interest in charity work and helping others. He is keen to encourage and support other men through the walk of life.

“The community aspect is the reason why I enjoy coming here, I can contribute to the lives of others whilst being encouraged myself”.