August 2016

Ben Stowe

Signing up only 9 months ago, Ben wanted to lose weight and get fitter, without a specific goal of what he wanted to achieve.

The further Ben got into his training, the more he started to structure his training for a golfing career!

Ben has so far achieved a combination of weight/fat loss, increased energy and being able to lift heavier weights, ultimately improving his golf out of sight!

After seeing improvements within himself and his body, Ben just wanted to maintain this and continue on the path he was on and, with the help from his trainer Tara, he is seeing the results he was looking for.

Ben trains 5 – 6 times per week (!!!) and he really enjoys doing weights and seeing how hard he can push himself with help from Tara.

To stay motivated, Ben thinks about where he started from and how he never wants to look like that again! Tara has also been a massive motivator for Ben, keeping him focused when they are training, but in between sets they have a bit of fun!

Ben’s hobbies include golf, it is a massive part of his life and being a professional it is what he loves to do and keeps him busy. The gym has also now become a hobby outside of golf.