December 2016

Wayne Bensley

Wayne has been a long standing member of Energize, first beginning in 2009.

Initially Wayne’s goal was to increase his general fitness and resilience, recovering more quickly from activity.

Since then, Wayne has maintained a consistent weight level, improve his balance and core strength, and flexibility.

Wayne has also recovered from a full hip replacement in 2012.

Training 2-3 times each week, Wayne’s favourite exercises are when he trains with his trainer, Jeni, for the competitive challenge. Additionally Wayne participates in tai chi classes, giving him relaxation, balance and ‘chilling out’.

To stay motivated Wayne “thinks about what he has already achieved” and that he doesn’t want to lose it, as well as his goal to keep fitness into his 80’s.

Wayne’s other interests include travelling and renovating.

Wayne also attributes he fitness to his trainer Jeni, who is “very patient, encouraging and holistically helpful”.