February 2016

Nur Sanders

Nur has been a member of Energize Health Club for 2 years.

When Nur first joined the gym she was hoping to increase her fitness and strength.

The results so far have been fantastic, Nur has increased her energy levels, increased her strength and can lift heavier weights.

A major turning point that influenced Nur to join the gym and gain such results was the passing of her mother. This was a difficult time, and her friend Helen Watters encouraged Nur to join the gym to help her through the process.

Nur trains a good 3 times a week. Her favourite exercises are strength training and boxing. It makes Nur feel invigorated afterwards.

Her favourite thing about Energize is the friendly staff but most of all her personal trainer Elise. Elise makes Nur feel important and always encourages her.

For Nur staying motivated when she doesn’t really feel like exercising is thanks to Elise. Elise is the reason she’s at the gym 3 times a week. She is motivating, encouraging and patient.

Some of Nurs hobbies include walking, fishing and playing the piano. She also can’t get through the day without Transcendental Meditation.

“Thanks to the gorgeous girls at reception for always being welcoming and making me feel important.”