January 2016

Dennis Armstrong

Dennis has been a member of Energize for 6 months and has already achieved outstanding results!

When Dennis joined Energize he was hoping to bulk up his upper body and assist his wife get fit prior to her double knee replacement.

So far Dennis has done significantly well achieving these results as he has put on 4kg of muscle, reduced back pains and has made a full repair of his right shoulder tendon tear which has been in pain for the past 2 years.

A major turning point that pushed him towards these results was the goal of supporting his wife to prepare for her operation. This has resulted in Dennis training 4-5 times a week.

Dennis doesn’t have a “favourite” exercise as of yet, but he does enjoy doing his programmes.

His favourite things about Energize is the convenient location, the extensive exercise options and the friendly staff.

For Dennis staying motivated is no issue as he has a heart disease and that in itself is enough reason to keep fit!

In his spare time, Dennis likes to keep himself active with travel, adventure, activities, hiking and kayaking.