June 2016

Jo Baker

 “Surround yourself with positive people who want the best for you and believe in you”

Signing up 6 years ago, Jo’s main goals were to make friends, and improve her mental health.

Unfortunately, in 2013, Jo’s health took a serious turn for the worse. Consequently, Jo was unable to exercise and put on weight, making her realise just how important her health is!

Jo’s turning point came in 2015, when she met Tara and began personal training. Her aim was to “look athletic and lean” and a year on she couldn’t imagine slowing down.

Training 5 days a week, Jo has lost a significant amount of weight and dropped two dress sizes!

Jo’s favourite activities include weights, boxing and spin classes, participating in a 3hour charity cycle event last year.

“I feel like I belong to a huge family and that’s enormously important to me”.

Jo’s “girl squad” is what keeps her motivated, arranging to meet friends at Full of Beans is a great reason to turn up and get active!

Jo’s biggest hurdle has been her fear of failure and has found that she is continually inspired by other members; starting conversations to find friendship, support and encouragement.

When she’s not training, Jo enjoys travelling, walking her dog, shopping and eating cake for her cheat meals.