March 2016

Trish Wastell

Trish has been a member of Energize for around 7 years! When Trish first joined the gym she was hoping to increase her health and fitness.

Her results so far have met these goals, as Trish has increased her level of fitness but of course would like to be even fitter!

A major turning point for Trish was experiencing a few health scares which made her realise that she had to give her body the best chance of being healthy. As a result Trish aims to train 4-5 times a week.

Trish enjoys a variety of exercise, including cardio and weights. She also loves the group exercise classes including Cardio Boxing with Jeni, Total Body with Dave, Spin with Therese and Tabata with Kristy. Trish loves the challenge these classes provide.

Her favourite thing about Energize is the friendly atmosphere and the standard of the trainers – it has everything you need!

To keep motivated Trish likes to organise the occasional personal training session to get her back in the swing.

Some of her hobbies include spending time with her family, having a laugh with friends and she loves reading.

“I have enjoyed my time at Energize and hope to spend many more years here. It has been fun!”