November 2016

Louise Underhill

Louise has been a member at Energize for just over a year now.

Since May of this year, Louise has lost an incredible 19 kilos!!! Which has led to an increase in her confidence.

With her world turning upside down 3.5 years ago, after enormous health scares with her daughter and herself, Louise decided she needed to get serious and lose weight and decrease her stress levels.

Louise now trains 6-7 days a week, with yoga on her ‘rest’ day
Tying for her favourite exercise is body combat for its stress relief and endorphin rush; and strength training for how it is changing her body.

Louise’s favourite thing about Energize is the community/family feel. There are people to speak to and there’s always someone to have a coffee with.

To stay motivated Louise schedules her exercise into her diary at the beginning of each week. If her partner is away, Louise will exercise at home, doing body weight circuits in the backyard.

Louise’s other hobbies include going for really long walks on the beach and sewing (making lots of her girls clothes!)