October 2016

Carol Dunwell

Carol has been a member at Energize for a whopping 15 years!!

When she first joined her goals were to improve her fitness and strength levels and maintain good health.

Over her 15 years, Carol has increased her energy levels, is lifting heavier weights, maintaining good cholesterol levels as well as maintaining her weight and bone density.

Pushing Carol towards these results is her GR trainer Jeni who gives her the motivation and confidence to push herself.

Training 4 days per week and walking regularly on top of that, Carol’s favourite exercises include her strength program which is a great personal challenge and spin classes which is a great cardio workout and has low impact on her knees.

“Energize is well equipped, with professional and welcoming staff who create a friendly, lively environment”

How does Carol stay motivated? On those “less energetic” days, Carol simply turns up and does something, always feeling better for it – knowing that her fitness is her priority.

Carol’s interests and hobbies include walking and art classes