Member of the Month – 2014

Malcolm Stewart January – Malcolm Stewart
 I agree strongly with the view that physical exercise is just as important for mental well-being”


Annette Paine February – Annette Paine
 Annette has lost 8.7cm around the waist and lost 12.2cm around the hips!


Safak March – Safak Goktogan
 Safak has lost an amazing 18kgs! She is now fitter, has more energy and now feels great about herself.


Dave Wiggin April – Dave Wiggin
 Dave has lost 3.2kg, no longer has back pain and has renewed energy which has dramatically increased his fitness.


Ian Weeks May – Ian Weeks
 Ian has increased fitness and strength and is better focused on reducing calorie intake by eating smaller proportions.


Amy Currie June – Amy Currie
 Amy lost over 35kg in 10 months!


Galit Millington July – Galit Millington
 Galit enjoyed attending Zumba classes so much she has now completed her instructor course!


Energize-3 August – Malcolm Bickley
 Malcolm lost 17kg!


Scott Brezny September – Scott Brezny
 “Training with a mate is one of the best motivating things you can do. Find a friend, work out together, push each other past your limits.”


Carly Davy October – Carly Daly
 “I always find everyone at Energize so warm and friendly and it was so important for me, especially when I first started, to feel comfortable and welcome!”  Carly has lost 32.9kg.


Mimi-November 2014 (1) November – Mimi
 Mimi enjoys coming to the gym as it makes her feel young!


Vaughan Clarke-December 2014 December – Vaughan Clarke
 Vaughan has lost an impressive 14kgs, is lifting heavier weights and has loads of energy! His favourite thing about Energize Health Club is the people!