Member of the Month – 2015

Will Sun - Jan 2015 January – Will Sun
 “Thank you to Energize for providing this wonderful facility”.

Becky Carroll - Feb 2015
February – Becky Carroll
 “Thank you so much to Stacey my awesome trainer who helped me so much to achieve my goals and to all the lovely reception staff who knew which things were mine and made me feel so welcome.“

ElaineG March – Elaine Gear
 “I love the Tuesday and Thursday morning coffees with my fellow group members. One of the best things about Energize is that the members are all sizes and all ages!”

IMG_1076 April – Conol McCollough


IMG_0522May – Aaron Heinrich
To stay motivated Aaron likes to train first thing in the morning otherwise it will be harder to get motivated. He also likes to do different classes and new weights program to avoid getting bored.

MalanieWJune – Melanie Williams
Melanie has been a member with Energize since 2009 and has received various results over the years.

July – Viv Phillips
Vivienne loves everything about Energize. She loves the trainers, the staff, the members, the positive environment, the classes and the crèche. For Vivienne, coming to Energize is her meditation.

PaulWAugust – Paul Wineberg
Paul has been a member with Energize since December 2012.


MaxLSept2015September – Max Lay
A member at Energize for 7 years now, Max frequents the gym 5 days a week to maintain his fitness and weight.

October – Vera Dobrich

Vera has been a member of Energize for 17 years!

CathyMaggieLitaNov2015November – Cathy, Maggie and Lita
Members since January 2015, all three ladies have results to be proud of.