November 2014

Mimi-November 2014 (1)Mimi

  • Mimi has been a member of Energize since July 2007. When Mimi first joined she was hoping to improve her fitness and increase her energy levels.
  • Training an impressive 5 days a week, Mimi’s hard work and dedication has lead to an increase in strength and overall fitness as well as a weight loss of 5kgs and centimetre’s all over!
  • Her favourite group exercise classes include Fat Burner and Ab Blast.
  • Mimi is always motivated to come to the gym and workout. Mimi has received positive encouragement from her Personal Trainer Dave and believes that without him assisting her to train she would not have achieved such results. She has also improved her dietary choices and has been provided with specific exercises to keep her going and enjoying her exercise program.
  • In her spare time Mimi enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoys coming to the gym as it makes her feel young!