QR Coach

Here at Energize we’re proud to be the Health Club that constantly innovates:

  • Treadmills that burn more energy then normal – our eco treadmills.
  • Exercise on Demand – providing at home and time efficient fitness solutions.
  • Our 12 Week Life Transformation Challenge and Mums That Tri programs.
  • Providing passionate experts like Dr Garry Egger presenting the latest evidence in weight loss and health strategies.

Now we’ve come up with another first – oh, “what’s that?”, I hear you ask.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the machines you’re using?

Have you ever wanted innovative programs that you can do anywhere anytime?

Have you wanted to take the mystery out of exercise?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then we have the answer for you. Energize Health Club has created the QR Coach and it rocks.

If you look around the club you’ll see a funny bar code looking symbol, this symbol is a ‘QR Code’. If you scan this QR code with your smart phone, then you’ll instantly be provided with a video that will demonstrate how to use that exact machine! These videos have been filmed by us at Energize Health Club using our equipment for our members – that’s as specific as it gets! That’s why we’ve called it the QR Coach – because you will get your own coach by using the QR codes – instant, expert assistance showing you how to use the exact piece of equipment you want to use.

Better still, this video will remain on you phone for future reference.

How much does this cost?

Whilst it has costs us many thousands of dollars to set up, we are providing it for free to our members. Yes, absolutely free. We can even download the app for you on your phone that will scan these QR codes at no cost to you – just ask reception. All you need is a smartphone (such as an iPhone or android).

Now, it gets better! We have also filmed a number of stretch videos to assist you in becoming more flexible and assist with injury prevention. Find the QR Coach code in the stretch room for these workouts. While you’re there, check out our new “Workout Of The Month” video via the QR Coach code. Each month we are filming a new workout to keep your exercise programs fresh. Give these workouts a go!

So if you’re feeling a little demotivated and need some extra help on your own terms, then check out the QR Coach posters that are floating around your club.

Now some of you are saying “But I want real help from real people”

Yes, we get that too and let’s be honest you can’t beat your own PT, they create programs specific to your goals, are social and motivating. So, for a limited time and for a very limited number, we’d like to offer you a half hour PT session absolutely free – just for being a member with us!

YES! I want a FREE ½ hour Personal Training Session.

Please call us on 9452 2288 as soon as you get this letter to get in quick and avoid disappointment.

Spots are very limited, this offer expires soon and there are some conditions.

Once again if you miss out on this free PT offer, as always, you’re welcome to a free program update – something we should all do. Call the number 9452 2288 and we can book you in for this.

We hope you enjoy your visits to Energize. We love welcoming you and seeing the health and fitness vibe filter throughout the community with energized people like yourselves.