The Energize Story

The true story of one family and thousands of energized lives

Once upon a time a young boy (Martin) grew up in Belrose with infectious passion for life and all things health and fitness. Upon finishing school he worked at various gyms whilst studying psychology and physiology and graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science. Unbeknown to him, his future wife (Elisha) was living in the nearby suburb of Frenchs Forest, training as an elite athlete whilst studying business and law at university. When boy met girl, fireworks went off, worlds were changed, the Energize Family was born, and we ended up with Energize Health Club and Energize Express that operate today.

Chapter 1: A young man with a vision
In 1997, Martin acknowledged that there were no gyms catering for ‘non-exercisers’. Given that only 10% of the population exercised in a gym, Martin sought to energize the lives of the majority of the community that did not feel comfortable joining a gym by creating a place that was non-intimidating, fun and operated by fitness experts that were passionate in energising lives through exercise. Energize Fitness was born, and opened its’ doors in late 1997 in Glenrose Shopping Centre in Belrose.

Chapter 2: The Energize Reputation
Within a few years of opening, Energize Fitness had a reputation for being professional and super-friendly, and the privilege of welcoming thousands of members to enjoy the trillion benefits of exercise. It become clear to Martin that a larger premises would soon be needed if he wanted to continue his mission of energizing lives.

Chapter 3: The Expansion
In 2005, Martin and Elisha married. Not long after Martin managed to convince Elisha to leave her career in law and work at Energize. Together they joined forces to create Energize Health Club in a larger premise in the previous Forest Squash Centre, next to Glen Street Theatre, Belrose.

Chapter 4: The Expansion (again)
In 2007, Energize opened its first Express Studio in Forestville Shopping Centre, Starkey Street. Energize Express is the perfect place for people who wish to exercise in a small, personalised setting. Energize Express is currently owned and operated under licence by Garrick Transell B.Sc App (ExSpSci), a previous Manager of Energize Health Club.

Chapter 5: The Energize Family
By this stage in The Energize Story, the Energize Family already comprised of over 30 team members. However, in 2009, it became a lot more interesting when Martin and Elisha welcomed their first child, Maya. In 2011, they welcomed a second daughter, Samara. Energize truly is a family business, with Maya and Samara often accompanying Mum and Dad to work and getting involved in energizing lives.

Chapter 6: Exercise on Demand
Demonstrating Energize’s passion for energizing lives en masse, 2014 saw the launch of an innovative website called Exercise on Demand for not only the benefit of its’ members, but also the world at large. Anyone can exercise anywhere, where ever, however with a click of a button at

Chapter 7: The Energize Future Where to next?
Today the Energize Family comprises over 50 team members and operates in a multi-faceted health, fitness and wellbeing facility. We envision a long and happy future energizing lives in this wonderful “Forest” community. Thank YOU to all our members for making it a delight to do what we do. Having happy, real people like you around keep us motivated to keep you energized. If you have any ideas or dreams for the future of Energize, please don’t be shy, drop us a line: or