Green Initiatives

green_initiativesThe owners of Energize Health Club believe strongly in looking after the environment, not only do they have 44 solar panels on their house at home (for the techies that’s an 8.15KW system), but also offset their car travel with carbon offsets. Martin and Elisha ride to school with their 5 year old daughter most mornings and look for every opportunity to ditch the car and walk, ride or run whenever possible. The great thing about looking after the environment is that it transfers nicely into looking after your health. Why don’t you try not using your car for a week and see how many more steps you do? (More steps = more physical activity = more calories burned = fitter, healthier you!)

As part of Energize’s recent refurbishment, we went above and beyond to choose recycled materials, up-cycled decorations, fair trade products and energy efficient LED lighting wherever possible.

Wooden crates

Up-cycled wooden crates from a fruit orchard in Victoria

For example, the wooden crates you see at reception are made from recycled wood and are straight from an operating fruit orchard in Victoria.  Rather than being disposed of, we have up-cycled them into display boxes and shelving.

The jute hanging plant baskets are certified Fair Trade products and are made by Corr the Jute Works in Bangladesh.  Corr is a women’s non-profit handicraft marketing and exporting trust, which has been in operation since 1973. Their aim is to empower disadvantaged and marginalised women by providing them with the means of income generation through producing handicraft items, made out of locally available raw materials such as jute, grass, leaf, cane, bamboo and clay. 

PlantsReal Plants
As much as possible, we try to use real plants throughout the Club.  Not only does this provide a lovely greenhouse feel while you work out, these plants are also providing you with clean filtered air! Did you know that indoor plants are natural air filters? Even NASA did a study that demonstrated the effectiveness of indoor plants to purify the air.

Eco treadmills
Energize is one of only a few Health Clubs in Australia that house eco treadmills. These treadmills don’t have TV screens or a belt that moves for you. For this reason, they burn more calories than the conventional treadmill and are the preferred option of our personal trainers. Don’t be fooled by their low tech appearance, they still come with a price tag in excess of $10 000 due to their superior biomechanical design. Rest assured, we still have a fleet of state-of-the art treadmills with TV’s, internet, iPod connectivity, virtual landscapes and so on should you prefer these.


Our takeaway cups at our Full of Beans coffee cart are environmentally friendly (recycled paper) to care for our planet and double walled to care for your hot coffee!

Community Values
We’re always thinking about the environment in anything we do.  For example, for Mother’s Day this year we gave all Mums a seedling to plant in their garden at home.
As best we can, we try to promote environmentally friendly, fair trade, organic, socially responsible and community minded products and services at Energize. These values are close to the hearts of the Energize owners, and with the support of our members, for this reason we are known to be “The Health Club With A Heart”.

Soon to follow…
We are about to introduce a brand new membership type at energize: The Green Membership. We are proud that once again that we will be leading the industry with new initiatives.