Group Ex Classes: Body Pump, Cardio Boxing

JeniBody Pump Monday 6am, Tuesday 9.30am, Wednesday 6am, Friday 8.30am
Cardio Boxing Tuesday 7am

I have my Cert 3 and 4, and Diploma of Fitness. I have certificates to teach Pump, Boxing, Cycle, Swiss Ball, Over 50’s, Outdoor and Children. I have completed my Precision Nutrition Training and am a Healthy Lifestyle Facilitator for Men and Women, (Lifestyle Medicine Society).

I was introduced to body pump around 16 years ago as a gym member on the Central Coast. Four years later I studied my certificate 3 in Fitness, and because I loved and believed in body pump so much, it was the first group exercise class I was trained in.

I love teaching group exercise classes as I love encouraging and motivating clients into the many benefits of exercise.  Seeing the brand new exerciser and the more experienced exerciser working at their own levels, together, in my class gives me great satisfaction.

I’d love to encourage every member to try my Body Pump class, so they can see how passionate I am about weight training, and body pump is a fabulous way to shape your whole body in 55mins. I hope I can inspire my fellow gym members to know as a mother and grandma, body pump has played a great role in giving me shape and strength that I never thought was possible. And how your body shape doesn’t have to change post menopause as long as you strive to work as hard as you can with every Body Pump class you attend.