Group Ex Classes: Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga Saturday 4pm

Yoga is the process of discovering who you are and how we want to give back to the world. Through my own personal experience my yoga practice has taught me many invaluable lessons that I take and continue to take into my daily life. The art of letting go, practising both gratitude and patience and in turn becoming less reactive to stressful situations are just a few of yoga’s little wisdoms. Your time on your mat is an opportunity to explore, surrender, let go and play. Yoga is a personal journey and your teacher is simply there to guide you through that journey. My classes are a combination of asanas (poses) and breath, building on foundation postures that everyone can enjoy with a strong emphasis on creating a ‘moving meditation’ through connecting to your breath.  I feel truly grateful to share your yoga journey with you and can only hope that you resonate with the practice as much as I do. All levels are welcome from beginners to advance as I do offer variations of each Asana to suit your level of practice.

What’s a tip you can give to get the most out of a yoga class?
Listen and observe your own body and breath.

Why should Energize members get themselves to one of your classes?
To experience the Blossom Effect.