Group Ex Classes: Pilates, Body Pump, Live Longer Be Stronger, Spin

LouiseBody Pump Monday 8.30am, Thursday 10.30am, Saturday 10.30am
Live Longer Be Stronger Wednesday 11.30am
Pilates Tuesday 11.30am, Wednesday 10.30am

I have a certificate 3 in group exercise, Body Pump, Pilates, older adults training, indoor Cycling, boxing and Body Step. I have my Associate diploma in child studies and am a Qualified Chef.

I am a mum of four active boys and have been an avid Gym member for over 20 years (yikes). I love interacting with people and can’t imagine a better job to do that. I believe exercise should be fun and I love being there to support members in a positive, happy and fun atmosphere.

I love teaching group exercise for so many reasons but the stand out is helping people improve their quality of life. I get a great feeling of achievement when members say that my classes have made their day or coming to the class has helped them to improve their posture, build muscle or lose weight.

I get quietly excited when I see members getting stronger, when their posture is noticeably better, or when they learn what to do to prevent injuries.

I believe Pilates is a great workout for our members because a strong core and back helps all of us prevent injury. You can lift more, work harder, cycle faster and burn more calories in your classes if you have a strong core.

The best way to get the most out of your pilates class is to use the different levels to challenge yourself whilst keeping perfect technique. Each week you will get a little stronger.

Energize members should come to Pilates to strengthen and tone their entire body.