Group Ex Classes: Zumba

Zumba Wednesday 6.30pm

What do you love about teaching group classes?
Working as a group brings us great benefits. We, ZUMBA fitness instructor’s, aim is “turning boring exercises into great fun party”. Can you imagine the Instructor and the participants are basically just having an hour dance party in a studio? We have great fun together and motivate each other very well for the hour. I love to see all of my participant’s sweat glow and faces are covered with big smiles and cheeky grins! It’s hard to quit this job once you experience the “Party maker” role for sure.

What a tip you can give to get the most out of ZUMBA class?
Don’t be shy with what you do in the class. Don’t compare yourself with the other people. Be proud of your own moves. Love yourself when you are dancing. Do think this one hour is designed only for YOU. Just lose yourself in the music and follow the instructor. All I want you is to feel great. This is not a competition – just be yourself, that’s all you need to bring into my class!

Why should Energize members get themselves to one of your classes?
I design the class for everyone – from those who’ve never experienced any sort of dance before (beginner) to professional dancers. No hesitation needed at all to be a part of this class. I’ll provide a plenty of verbal and non-verbal cues (sometime I break those steps down). It’s very easy to follow at the first class. Luckily I have been dancing with this LOVELIEST bunch of Energize members for such long time – they will be very happy to help you to get in to the class and always welcome you to join!  Let’s have fun and get fit together. We are always waiting for you to open the door.