Group Ex Classes: Zumba Gold, Zumba, Pilates

SharneZumba Gold Tuesday 12.30pm, Thursday 8am

I was a late bloomer, coming to the Fitness industry after a 30+ year sedentary career as a Customs Broker, typically stressful & time driven. My fitness choices were always dance based, ballet, jazz & tap & over recent years Zumba plus yoga, pilates & swimming for balance.

I had the opportunity 3.5 years ago to reshape my work life balance & completed my Zumba Basic training then Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness, achieving Master Trainer Level 1 with the Australian Institute of Fitness in January 2013. Trying to find my place in the industry I then completed Instructor training in Xtend Barre, TRX Suspension & further Zumba specialty training courses including Zumba Gold & Toning.

Combining dance & music at a lower intensity than a traditional Zumba class, it provides an entry level opportunity for everyone to try Zumba. Whether a first timer or returning to exercise or as a complement to a more intense class, it is not just for “the young at heart” mature exerciser.

I’m passionate about my Zumba Gold class & participants. It’s exciting finding new music & choreographing new routines. I’m constantly amazed by the class’ dedication, willingness to try new styles & capacity for fun. The participants make Zumba Gold a joy to teach!

If I was to offer a tip to the get out the most out of my class, it would be relax & let the music move you! Zumba is a party and no one cares what you look like when you’re dancing at a party! Come & have some fun!