Go Rogue and spend quality time on your Stability and Core! Using functional movement patterns and some good ol' fun, you will target your core and shed the calories to show those abs off!

Swiss Ball

Improve your balance, strengthen your core and firm your muscles with this quick, dynamic Swiss Ball workout. Suitable for all fitness levels, this class is a great way to get an all-round workout

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga aims to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility. Typically, poses are held for 3-5 minutes, facilitating a more meditative approach to yoga. Yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality.


Working on correcting body alignment, Pilates will assist in strengthening your core, improving your flexibility and lengthening through your spine. Great for those with 'dodgy' backs, Pilates helps strengthen your core in a low risk environment.