Early-Birds and Lunch-Timers

“I am fitter, stronger and more flexible than ever before… I’m able to manage my weight better, I’m less stressed, and the only drug I’m now on is coffee ;)”

Andrew, 60
Member Since 2010

My Story

When I finished working in the city, I was looking for a health club close to home, with a community vibe, and enough options to keep me interested. I already knew a few people at Energize, so I decided to give it a go.

At first, my workouts looked a bit random. I was only doing 20 minutes at a time – mostly weights, and sometimes spin. Once I built some momentum, I decided to get a personal trainer, and I’m glad I did.

Now I go most days, alternating between the group classes and the program my trainer wrote for me.

Why I Love Energize

Spin Cycle

I love that Energize has both 30 minute and 55 minute spin cycle classes. They’re a great way to either squeeze a quick workout into a busy day, or take the time to do a more thorough workout on days off. The instructors are great! They are motivating, without being annoyingly shouty 😉

Functional Training Room

There’s so much equipment to choose from, I never get bored. I spend most of my time in the functional training room. It has machines, free weights, benches, cables, bands… and all of the other torture devices my trainer loves 😉

And even when my trainer isn’t there, there are always ‘green shirts’ floating around to help me figure out what to do.

Personal Training

I was skeptical at first, but there’s nothing quite like having the support of a trainer. The key is to find one that gels with you. Some are super high energy, while others are more practical and considered. They’re all pretty friendly and approachable though, which makes them easy to chat to.

I love that no workout is quite the same. It challenges me, keeps me motivated, and helps me remember the important stuff – like my nutrition and stretching 😉