Fit n Funky

“Initially, the idea of going into a gym terrified me. Before Energize, I had never been in a gym before. So, I started slow, just doing the S.A.S classes once a week.”

Beth, 38
Member Since 2012

My Story

In 2012 I was struggling. Having two young boys, newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, overweight, unhappy, anxious, and low in confidence, I knew something had to change.

Fortunately, I saw Energize at the Mimosa school fair. They were sponsoring the event, giving out trial passes, and I thought – why not, what do I have to lose?

As it turned out, what I had to lose was 8 dress sizes, a bad back and a bunch of negative self talk. I feel so much healthier and happier – I’ve even done a Half-Marathon, a feat I wouldn’t have even joked about a few years ago.

Why I Love Energize

Group Exercise

These days, I don’t think there is any class I wouldn’t do! The instructors are so friendly and supportive (despite how fit they look, haha). In fact, after my first few months of only doing the S.A.S (outdoors) class, the instructor said she would come with me to my first Body Combat class. It made such a difference to have someone I knew with me, a friendly face to say it’s okay, you’re doing well.

Full of Beans Cafe

I have to say that what I like and value most are the friendships I’ve made over a drink at the cafe at the end of a class.
The community is so welcoming and friendly, it’s hard to imagine not being a part of it 🙂

The people are inspirational, the staff are kind, and everyone is supportive. It may be scary at first, but there is something to suit everyone 🙂

The Energize Team

I love the ladies in the crèche, they are like extra grandparents to my children.
The reception girls are a hoot; I love how Dan (Health and Fitness Manager) is alway encouraging when he walks past; Louise is an incredible Pilates teacher, Robynne is an amazing Combat instructor – the passion and energy she brings always lifts me up; and lastly, I better say Dave, as he’s my trainer. I truly look forward to our session each week, and seeing what new little trick or trip I can pick up.