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“I love that Energize offers so many different types of Yoga. Yin is my favourite. It helps me to connect in to my body, clear my stress, and relax my busy mind.”

Helenka, 37
Member Since 2015

My Story

I moved to Belrose in 2015, and was looking for a place to continue on with my Yoga practice. I was slightly skeptical that a gym could provide the quality and variety of Yoga that I was used to… but I soon fell in love with Energize.

The teachers are incredibly supportive and the community is so friendly. I’ve met some amazing people, and I love seeing them each week.

I’ve continued to improve my Yoga skills and I now supplement my practice with Body Combat and Body Step classes.

Why I Love Energize


The variety of classes is amazing. I do Yin to help me slow down, connect and clear my mind. Flow Yoga helps to challenge me to improve my practice; and Hatha helps me get back to basics. If you’re new to Yoga, I’d recommend either the Gentle Yoga or Hatha classes.

Body Combat

Yoga may be my first love, but I like to add some variety to my workouts, with Body Combat and Body Step. They’re a lot of fun and a great way to work on my cardio fitness. Robynne and Lisa are my favourite instructors. They’re really energetic and motivating, and they help you to feel comfortable in the class. Just tell them it’s your first time and they’ll show you where to stand and what to do 😉


I can highly recommend Energize to anyone (no matter age or fitness level). It may be a little bit hard when you start, and maybe a bit slow, but don’t give up! Even if it takes a while to find your routine… keep trying different things. There are so many different types of classes – I am sure you will eventually find your favourite one.