“In April 2016 I was 96kgs. I felt uncomfortable in my body and had very low self esteem. With 2 young children, I knew I couldn’t keep going the way I was.”

Louise, 42
Member Since 2016

My Story

I’ve always struggled with my weight, so I was extremely nervous about joining a gym. Apart from feeling highly self-conscious, I was worried about leaving my daughters in the Kid’s Club. My youngest daughter, Summer, has a serious blood disorder, so when things go wrong, she might need to be rushed to hospital.

Being totally stressed, I knew I needed to start taking better care of myself so I could look after my family. I downloaded a trial pass from the website and used it to try a Yin Yoga class. I absolutely loved it! And my girls loved it in the Kid’s Club! The ladies were so welcoming.

After a few weeks of Yin I thought I should try a Body Combat class. It was REALLY hard, and I felt like the least fit person in the room, but the teacher (Robynne) was really encouraging.

A few months later, I learned I had Insulin Resistance. I was told that resistance training would help, so I got one of the trainers (Dave) to write me a program. It was much simpler than I expected, and I enjoyed the routine. Over the next 12 months, I lost over 30kg (at 0.5-1kg per week).

More importantly, I gained energy, and finally started to feel comfortable in my body. And the best part is, I’m now a healthy role model for my daughters.

Why I Love Energize

Group Exercise

I love love love Body Combat, Cardio Boxing, Yoga and Pilates. They’re so much fun! I like that there’s a variety of classes, and that you don’t have to book ahead of time. It means that whenever I feel a wave of motivation, I can jump on it and head in for an impromptu class. The variety also means that I can challenge myself each week.

Personal Training

After about a year of working out, I started to plateau. I was still training hard and watching my diet, but my weight loss seemed to stall. Dan (Health and Fitness Manager) suggested I start training with him, which I now LOVE. I feel so much stronger, and we are doing stuff that I’ve never done before. The support and encouragement is incredible.

Kid’s Club

With a frequently sick child, exercise always seemed to be struggle. But with the Kid’s Club I feel comfortable finally taking some ‘me time’. It’s so great to be able to drop the girls off with the ladies and know that they’ll be safe and happy.
It gives me time to myself – to get my heart going, slow my brain, improve my health…. and even relax with a coffee at the cafe.