Young at Heart

“After Curves shut, I decided to check out Energize. Most of the Curves ladies also joined, so it was easy to feel comfortable. I should’ve done it years ago!”

Maggie, over 50
Member Since 2015

My Story

I started off just doing the Live Longer Be Stronger classes. The Instructor (Louise) was so great! She made us all feel really comfortable, and helped us adapt the exercises to suit our fitness levels (and injuries).

I now do all the Live Longer Be Stronger, and the Pilates classes. I’ve also tried some Zumba and Tai Chi classes.

What have I achieved?

In the last year or so I’ve sculpted my body… Haha, just joking 😉 Although, I have lost a few kilos. And my core is stronger than ever. Pilates definitely helps a lot.

Why I Love Energize

Live Longer Be Stronger Classes

The LLBS classes have great variety. Sometime we’ll do a circuit – with light weights, balancing exercises and stretching. Sometime we’ll do a little bit of Zumba, and sometimes we’ll do some Pilates. I love that’s it’s always fun and interesting.

And the LLBS crew is so much fun. We spend half of the class laughing, and the rest of it smiling 😉

Pilates Classes

Louise is a great instructor! I’d done pilates with a Physio before, but this is so much better. I feel like I work harder, while still feeling safe. My core feels much stronger and I really enjoy the challenge.

Even if you have injuries (or balance issues) the instructors help you to work around them (and hopefully improve them).


I have met so many new people at Energize, and we all stay for coffee after the classes. It feels like a second home. I sometimes spend more time having coffee than working out, but that’s what it’s all about.
And we all love meeting new people, so come join us for a class and stay for a coffee afterwards 🙂