On the Go with Kids in Tow

“It’s great knowing my kids are safe and happy in the Kid’s Club while I have some ‘me time’, and I love that the ladies will come and get me if I’m needed.”

Tanya, 30
Member Since 2005

My Story

I was feeling like I needed something for me. I was 18 years old, working full time, and wanted somewhere to ‘escape to’. At the time, I was engaged to be married (to a PT who I’d met at Energize years earlier!) and wanted to get fit and healthy for my wedding.

These days, I still use it as my escape time, except this time I’m escaping from my kids!! I have 4, and while they’re all darlings, being able to have some ‘me time’ is really important.

Each time I’ve had my babies, I’ve discovered a new type of exercise to try. I got into Yoga after my first, starting with Power Yoga and then trying all the other styles too. When I was pregnant with my son (baby number 2), I loved Jeni’s Pump classes. I kept it light so I wasn’t over-exerting myself, but was able to keep my body strong to prepare for birth and new-motherhood. By baby number three, my favourite thing to do was chill out for some quiet time in the stretch room! Aaah, 10 minutes of quiet bliss! And now, after my fourth, I’ve gotten a PT to keep me on track as I regain the strength four pregnancies will sap out of you!

Why I Love Energize


I think joining a gym can be a little daunting, especially when it seems everyone already knows each other. But at Energize it doesn’t take long before you’re part of the crew too. If you’re armed with a smile, you’ll be welcomed with open arms to group exercise classes and coffee dates afterwards!! It just takes a little boost of bravery to get started.

Mini Muscles Kid’s Club

The ladies in the Kid’s Club are AMAZING. They always have fun activities lined up, and are equally as comfortable with my 6 month old as they are with my 6 year old. The biggest challenge is when it’s time to leave. The kids have so much fun they never want to go home.


After my first child, I decided to try Yoga. I started with Power Yoga, then Yin, Hatha and eventually, every other type. I loved it so much, I decided to become qualified as a Yoga teacher…. and yes, I now teach at Energize 😉